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Call me papa workshop at Roseneath Theatre (2023) 

Hosted by Roseneath Theatre, Under The Bus is back once again in May of 2023 for a second two week workshop of Hanlon McGregor’s play Call Me Papa! This show is in development and is intended for kids in grades 4-8 but it is family-friendly. If you, your family, or your school would like to tune in for a sneak preview, (or to see a performance in the future) join our waitlist by filling out this form or by emailing us at

Teachers! sign up your classroom before May 11th!!!


What's Call Me Papa?  

Call Me Papa (based on Hanlon McGregor’s play Unexpectedly Trans) is about two siblings navigating their parent coming out as transgender. This groundbreaking story has been adapted for young students in grades 4 to 8 and their families living anywhere in Ontario. Hanlon McGregor wrote this play to help build empathy and respect in order to improve the lives of trans kids and the kids of trans parents, and also the perspectives of the peers of trans individuals. 

What's New?

In May of 2023, we are continuing to combine traditional live theatre with online elements to create a whole new world of performance. We are mounting a second workshop with the goals of improving some of our technological methods as well as exploring the script with actors and singers and bringing it to another group of students.


Two siblings have near-opposite reactions when Mom comes out as Papa. Teen-aged Blair is unbelievably supportive, whereas 7-year-old Iris doesn’t want to let go of ‘Momma.’ Aunt Jane is worried about how the transition is affecting Iris. The family struggles at home and at school to find the ‘new normal.’ When Blair comes out as non-binary, Aunt Jane fights with Papa over the children, but Iris and Blair come to Papa’s defence. Iris concludes, “Momma’s gone…but I’ve got the best Papa in the whole world!” 


The draft script for Call Me Papa was developed in 2020 by Hanlon McGregor and Mihaly Szabados through the support of the Ontario Arts Council and Roseneath Theatre. Dramaturgy by acclaimed writer Diane Flacks. The 2023 script was developed with help from co-writer Thorne Brown and funded by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. 

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